Staff Details of Ophthalmology
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile Joining as Asstt. Proff Associate Proff. Professor
1 Dr. R.L. Sharma Prof. & Head 9418200098 1-7-2002 29-5-2009 3-12-2014
2 Dr. Vinod Kashyap Assoc. Professor 9418089981 19.11.2008 2.12.2014
3 Dr. Vinod Sharma Assoc. Professor 9805122115 23.06.2010 7.10.2015
4 Dr. Praveen Panwar Asstt. Professor 9418454120 4.11.2013 30.12.2019
5 Dr. Vinay Gupta Asstt. Professor 9418110161 19.01.2017
6 Dr Kalpana Sharma Asstt. Professor 9418004791 27.12.2019
7 Dr Deepti parmar Sr. Resident 8628886014
8 Dr. Sakshi Jain Sr. Resident 9418436544

History of Eye Department

Department of ophthalmology IGMC SHIMLA
Department of ophthalmology was established in IGMC SHIMLA while this medical college came in existence in 1966. Dr B .S. Jain took the charge of first head of ophthalmology in oct 1969 . THIS was followed by Dr G. C.Sood in 1971 .then in 1973 Dr B .K. Sofat became head of department till 1990 . During his tenure diploma in ophthalmology was started in 1981 by admitting two students each year . M.S. Ophthalmology courses started in IGMC SHIMLA in 1987 with two admissions every year. The first batch of M.S. student passed out in 1989. Dr B.K. Goel took over as Head of department in 1990 and remained head till 1995 then Dr V. Bansal took over as head of department till 2003. From 2003 Dr K.P .Chaudhary remained head of department till Oct 2016. The no. of M.S Ophthalmology seats was increased from 2 to 4 per year in 2010. Dr RL Sharma was appointed Nodal officer eye bank IGMC Shimla in 2008 following which Eye bank was started on 29.08.2010 with its first landmark by performing its first successful corneal transplantation in the state of HP on Jan 8, 2011. Dr M. L.Pandey became HOD in Nov 2016 and remained HOD till August 2018 . Dr RL Sharma took over as HOD in Sept 2018, who is the present head the department till date . Facilities of Phacoemulsification became available in IGMC SHIMLA since 2006 which was further boosted by installation of second machine in 2014. Phacoemulsification with micro incision cataract surgery started in Dec 2017. So state of art surgery with premium IOL implantation is done in department of ophthalmology IGMC SHIMLA without any waiting list . Other ocular and paraocular surgeries like glaucoma surgeries (trabeculectomy, glaucoma valve implantation, laser Iridotomy are routinely doner.oculoplastic surgeries like lid reconstruction, Ptosis, Ectropion ,Entropion are routinely carried out. Orbital surgeries like exentration, orbitotomy and orbital reconstruction surgeries are also performed in collaboration with orofacial surgeons, neurosurgeon. Dacrocystorhinostomy (external and endonasal) are done in collaboration with ENT surgeons. Eye banking services and penetrating and lamellar Keratoplasty are done for corneal blind patients. Eye bank has carried out about 230 Keratoplasty so far. Facilities for posterior segment evaluation like B scan, fundus camera are available since 2008. Posterior segment laser are available in department since 2008 for diabetic retinopathy and other disorders. OCT, ERG, EOG AND VEP like advanced facilities are also available in department since 2016 .Specular microscopy machine has been installed in department since 2017. Automated perimeter and NCT for glaucoma diagnosis is also available in the department . Dept has organized North Zone Ophthalmology Conferences in 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2017. State Ophthalmology Conferences of HP organized in 2011, and 2016. CME and Workshops are periodically done for different academic activities in the department. There is intake of 4 postgraduate students every year and total of 12 postgraduate students in the department of ophthalmology . Eye department also carries out social work like surgical camps ,screening camps ,public health awareness, t.v talks and shows periodically .Department is continuously is in process of procuring latest machineries and facilities for the benefit of people of the state .