Staff Details of Community Medicine
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1 Dr Anmol Gupta Prof. & Head -
2 Dr Anupam Parashar Professor & PG Teaching Incharge -
3 Dr D. S. Dadhwal Professor & Incharge IEC Cell -
4 Dr Anita Thakur Associate Professor& UG teaching Incharge -
5 Dr Balraj Singh Associate Professor& Incharge Epidemiology Unit -
6 Dr Narinder Mahajan Associate Professor& Incharge Operation research cell -
7 Dr Anjali Mahajan Associate Professor& Incharge Infection control cell
8 Dr Tripti Chauhan Assistant Profesor & Incharge UTHC Boileauganj
9 Dr Vijay Kumar Barwal Assistant Professor & Incharge RTHC Mashobara -
10 Dr Amit Sachdeva Assistant Professor
11 Dr Prem Lal Assistant Professor -
12 Kusum Gupta Medical Social Worker -
13 Dr Gopal Ashish Sharma Senior Resident/Tutor Specialists -
14 Des Raj Sharma Health Educator -
15 Sampati Dhiman Pharmacist -
16 Roshni Public Health Nurse -
17 Asha Joshi Public Health Nurse -
18 Vijay Sharma Clerk -

1. Dynamics of transmission of Hepatitis in Shimla City- ICMR funded project.
2. Screening of cervical cancer by VIA in district Shimla. (NHM Himachal Pradesh)
3. Impact of School based health behavioural intervention on awareness & practice pattern of healthy lifestyle and cardio metabolic risk factor among school children of Shimla City – RCIT (ICMR funded project)
4. Million Death study in collaboration with Canadian Centre for Global Health Research.
5. Prevalence and determinant of COPD among non smoker in Shimla city.
6. Community based assessment of unintentional injuries in Shimla city.
7. Immunization survey in 12 district of Himachal Pradesh.
8. Multicentre rabies survey project (APCRI)
9. Hand washing practices in different school of Shimla City.
10. Hepatitis B project in Kaza district of Himachal.
11. Paediatric metabolic syndrome among adolescent in Shimla City.
12. Factor influencing treatment outcome of TB patients in Shimla City.
13. An epidemiological study on substance abuse among school children in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.
14. Effectiveness of electronic media in drug adherence in TB-RCT.
15. Quality of life among elderly living in old age home in Himachal Pradesh.
16. Quality of life among patient living with HIV registered at ART centre Shimla.
17. Malaria screening in high altitude tribal district of Himachal Pradesh.

Research Papers (Publications for the last five years, 2012-2017)

S. No.  TITLE AUTHOR CO- AUTHOR Name of journal Year
1 Verbal autopsy to determine the timing &causes of infant deaths in northern state Dr. Anmol Gupta Dr. Anupam, Parashar, Dr.Tripti Chauhan, Dr Deepesh Barall, Dr Devender Current  Pediatric Research 2017
2 Pre-Lacteal feeding Practices in associated factors Dr. Anmol Gupta   International journal of health &Allied Sciences 2017
3   Prevalence and risk factors for depression in elderly  north India Dr. Anmol Gupta Dr Kamlesh Sharma Dr Narinder Mahajan , Dr Anjali  Mahajan Indian journal of Geriatric and mental health 2016
4  Nutritional status of1-5 years  children in a hilly  tribal distt. Of north India Dr.Anmol Gupta Harshvardhan Singh,Depesh Barall,Anjali Mahajan , Devender Kumar International journal  of complementary research 2016
5  Sero prevalence trends of transfusion transmitted infections among blood donors in tertiary care hospital in a hilly tribal distt. Of north India Dr. Anmol Gupta Amit sachdeva ,Deepak Sharma , Neetu Sharma     International journal of research in medical sciences 2016
6   Prevalence & Predictors of suicidal ideation among  school going adolescent s in hilly state of India , Dr. Anmol Gupta Durgesh Thakur ,Anita thakur ,Salig Ram Mazta ,Depak Sharma , Industrial journal of psychiatry 2015
7  Infection  among urban school going adolescent in hilly state of India  A cross sectional study Dr. Anmol Gupta Kumar K Grover , N K Kaushik An int journal of medical &  Applied Sciences 2015
8 Risk factors for ca cervix in rural women’s of hilly  state  A case control study Dr. Anmol Gupta Anita Thakur ,Bhupender Gupta , Raman Chauhan Indian journal of public health 2015
  9 Prevalence & Predictors of dual burden of malnutrition  among  adolescents of north India Dr. Anmol Gupta Deepak sharma ,Durgesh  Thakur  Anita thakur ,Salig Ram  Mazata, Journal of obesity     2014
10 Prevalence  of cigarette smoking  and its predictors amongst  school going adolescents f north  India Dr. Anmol Gupta Thakur  D, Thakur  A, Mazta SR South east asian journal of cancer 2014    
11  A biomedical solid waste management in major  public hospitals in  Shimla city   Dr. Anmol Gupta Saurabh  K , Mazata SR ,   Journal of evolution  of medical sciences and  dental sciences 2014
  12 Combating iron deficiency  anemia  amongst  school going adolescent  in hilly state  of north India Dr. Anmol Gupta Prashar A ,Thakur A ,Sharma D ,Bhardwaj P,Jaswal S, Int j Med .2014 2014
13 An epidemiological study on road traffic  accidents from hills of north India Dr. Anmol Gupta Mahajan  N ,Bhardwaj A,Thakur  A,Raina S ,Gupta  BP, Burn & trauma 2014
14 Role of faculty in  improving  research in public health, Dr. Anmol Gupta Dhadwal DS ,Mazta SR, Indian  j of Community medicine  2013
15    Clinico Epidemiological profile of extra pulmonary tuberculosis Dr. Anmol Gupta Vashav Chander , SR  Mazta,Raina ,Bhardwaj, Indian public health research 2012
16 Anemia among adolescent  girls in shimla hills of north India  Does BMI & onset of Menarche have role Dr. Anmol Gupta Anupum Prashahar,Anita Thakur ,Deepak Sharma,  Indian j of medical sciences  2012
17 Use of tobacco among Male students  n I.G.M.C Shimla Dr. Anmol Gupta  Dr Ram lal , Dr S R Mazta , Dr Deepak sharma, JIMSA   2012  
18 Prevalence of refractive errors , color vision defects and ocular  disorders in school going children; Primary screening by school teachers Dr. Anmol Gupta SR Mazta,  Saurabh K , Ivan    Joshi JIMSA 2012
19 Quality of ICTC Counsellors of north India Dr. Anmol Gupta SR Mazta ,Anupum PashasharDS Dhadwal,Anita Thakur ,Saurabh Kumar JIMSA 2012
20 Per -lacteal feeding practices  and associated  factors in H.P Praashahar  A Sharma  D, Dhadwal DS , Int J Allied Sci  2017
21     Autosomal Dominence polycystic kidney disease study of clinical characteristics in an Indian population. Prashahar A Vikrant S Saud J kidney dis Transplant. 2017
22 Verbal autopsy to determine the timing and causes  of death of infant  death in northern state of India Prashahar A  Barall D,Gupta A,Chauhan T,Kumar D, Kumar A Int. J Contemp. Pediatric. 2017
23 Perception regarding  Primary health care Services  Among rural population of H,P Prashahar A Thakur  A, Mazta SR ,Sachdeva A , Int. J Recent sci.Res. 2016  
24 Prevalence and severity of disordered mineral metabolism in patient s of kidney dis. A study  from tertiary care hospital in India Prashahar A Vikrant S Indian Endocrinal. Metab. 2016
25 Alcohol and other substance abuse  among the youth an obvious  but neglected scenario in Shimla city H.P Devender Kumar Prashahar A, Thakur A Indian int  J Community Medicine  Public health 2016
26 Status of maternal care and immunization services  in a hilly state of north India a cross sectional study Prashahar A Mazata  SR,Dhadwal DS ,Thakur A ,Singh A  Sharma K Int.  J  Reprod Contrcept,obstet, Gynecol 2016
28 How active is our generation - An assessment of physical activity among  youth in city of north India Devender Kumae Prashahar A, Thakur  D Ind, J youth adol health 2016    
29 Immunization coverage in distt. Sirmour  in H.P, India evaluation using he 30x7 cluster sampling  technique Prashahar A Gupta A, Mahajan  A,Verma  D,Sachdeva A Int  J  journal Community Medicine Public Health   2016
30 Tobacco use  and its correlates among  youth in northern urban city of India Devender Kumar Prashahar A Thakur  A International  journal of science and research (USSR) 2016
31 Risk factors for non communicable diseases in public  intuitions of Shimla, H.P, India Prashahar A Sandhu  S, Singh MM ,Chauhan R  Mazata  SR , Int. J   Community Medicine 2016
32 Impact of training package on medical students awareness to manage  a case  of influenza H1N1 Prashahar A Mazata SR ,Thakur A Sharma D, Kumar S Community acquired infection 2015
33 Infant and youth feeding practices insight from cross sectional study from hilly state of north India. Prashahar A Sharma D  Thakur D  Thakur A ,Mazata SR Int. J of nutrition , pharmacology , neurological diseases 2015
34 The safety and efficacy of high dose of carboxymaltose in patients  with chronic kidney  disease  A single center study  Prashahar A Vikrant S Indian J nephrology     2015  
35 Combating Iron Deficiency  Anemia among school going  adolescent  girls in a hilly state of north India  Effectiveness of intermittent  versus  daily administration of iron folic acid tablets Prashahar A Gupata  A , Thakur A1 ,  , SharmaD2, Bhardwaj P Int. journal Prev Med 2014
36 Scrub Typhus  associated acute kidney  injury – a study from a tertiary care  hospital from western himalyan state of  India Prashahar A Vikrant S Dheer SK ,Gupta D ,Thakur  S ,Sharma A ,KaushalSS,Kanga A Ren Fail.     2013
37 Cognitive impairment and related factors in elderly; A population based study Prashahar A     Journal of Dr NTR University of health Sciences 2013
37 Study of knowledge ,Attitude , Behavior and Practice  among the attendees of ICTC of Tertiary care  Hospital of Northern Hilly State Prashahar A Thakur A , Mazata SR, Al Amen J Med Sc. 2013
38 Morbidity Pattern  and  Health seeking behavior o of aged population residing in Shimla Hills of North India Prashahar A Sharma D , Mazata SR J family  Med Prim Care 2013
39 Behavior and life style factors among older persons living in a distt. Of North India Prashahar A Sharma D , Mazata SR, J Medical Society 2013
41 A association of tuberculosis  and Hiv  among ICTC attendees of tertiary care Hospital of Shimla  H.P Prashahar A Chauhan T, Bhardwaj AK. International journal of health &Allied Sciences 2012
42 Anemia among adolescent girls in Shimla  Hills Of north India Prashahar A Gupta A Thakur A ,Sharma D Indian J Med Sci. 2012
43 Quality of ICTC Counsellors of North India Prashahar A Mazata SR, Gupta A K, Dhadwal DS, Thakur A JIMSA   2012
44   Risk Factor Profile of Non Communicable Diseases among Youth in Urban City of Northern India Devender Kumar Parashar A, Lal P International Journal of Current Advanced Research 2017
45 Validity of MDRF Indian diabetes mellitus  Risk factor score (MDRF –IDRS)among the adult population of Shimla Kanica Kaushal Dr. D.S. Dhadwal     2017
46 Knowledge  about ill effects of tobacco use  and ”cigarette and other tobacco products act “among the adult  population if Shimla city Dr.D.S Dhadwal Kaushal.K CHRISMED J Health Res 2016.
47 Client satisfaction with the health services under Janani suraksha yojna in rural area of H.P Prem Lal Dhadwal DS, Mahajan.A, CHRISMED J Health Res 2016      
  48 Knowledge ,awareness and utilization pattern of services  under Janani suraksha yojna among  beneficiaries in rural area of H.P. Prem Lal Dhadwal DS, Chauhan PL, Mahajan A  CHRISMED J Health Res 2015  
49    Judicious use of M.D. thesis  topic , role of faculty in improving research in public health. Dr.D.S.Dhadwal   Int J Com Health and Med Res   2015
50 Knowledge, attitude and behavior towards antibiotic usages and its resistance among the general population of Shimla. Dr. D.S Dhadwal Sachedev A Int J Com Health and Med Res   2015

Academic Achievements of the department in last two years:
1. Fellowships awarded to:
a. Dr Anmol Gupta
i. Star performance award NZ-IAPSM 2017
ii. Pride of Himachal IMA 2016
iii. Visiting scholarship IEA-SEA 2015 Bangkok
iv. World NCD federation 2015
b. Dr Anupam Parashar -
i. FIPHA 2017
ii. FIMSA 2017
iii. FIAPSM 2018
2. Paper presentation from department
a. International conference- 10
b. National conference - 24
c. Zonal conference - 22
3. Best paper award
a. NZ-IAPSM 2016
b. NZ-IAPSM 2017
c. IAPSM 2018
4. Winner PG quiz
a. Winner IAPSM 2018
b. Winner NZ-IAPSM 2018
c. Runner up NZ-IAPSM 2017
5. Runner up All India Video Competition on World Health Day 2017
6. Scholarship awarded to Dr Rahul Gupta (PG student) 2018 for attending workshop [31st European educational program in epidemiology] in Italy from Epidemiology Association of Europe.