Staff Details of Nephrology
Introduction: The Nephrology department looks after patients with kidney problems and provides nephrology services to the whole of the state of Himachal Pradesh with population of 6.8 million. The department provides dialysis services for the admitted patients with acute and chronic kidney failure, drug and toxin poisoning. There is a chronic peritoneal dialysis program (CAPD/APD) for patients with end stage kidney disease and follow up medical care for the kidney transplant patients is provided. More than 1100 kidney biopsies have been done since the year 2003. Department provides comprehensive nephrology services viz critical care/ICU and interventional nephrology and is in process to start its own kidney transplant program. Department runs a 3 year training course: B. Sc. (Renal Dialysis Technology) and plans to start DM (Nephrology) course .
Sr.No Name Designation Mobile
1 Dr. Asheesh Asst. Professor -
2 Shri Brij Lal Dhiman Senior Lab Technician -
3 Shri Vijay Pathak Senior Lab Technician -
4 Mr Ashwani Kumar Senior Lab Technician -


Research work: Nephrotic syndrome, Anemia of CKD, High dose iron in Anemia of CKD, Tropical AKI, CAPD peritonitis, long term outcome of CAPD, ADPKD, Renal stone disease, application of hemodialysis in drug and toxin poisoning & use of plasmapheresis in immune diseases, CRRT, Spectrum of glomerular diseases, Lupus nephritis, Kidney in Myeloma.

Publications (PubMed Indexed): 33 (since 2005) Original articles: 12; Review article: 1; Case reports & others: 20